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Good Chicken Runs are extremely important if you want to keep your chickens safe during the day when they are outside. Depending where you live, there are many predators that enjoy nothing more than a nice chicken dinner. Where I live we have to keep an eye out for coyotes which have now become so used to people and living near urban areas that our pets and hens have become a prime target. We also get raccoons in our backyard and hawks neither of which are adverse to trying to get a chicken either. If you live in the United Kingdom then it is possible that foxes are your biggest worry. Other than wild animals, keeping your chickens safe from the local cats and dogs is also something that you really should consider.  

While many Portable Chicken Coops come with chicken runs attached, many hen houses do not. It is however possible to purchase pre-built chicken pens some of which can be attached to a hen house or placed somewhere where you can easily put or entice your chickens inside. The smaller chicken pens that best suit the backyard chicken farmer are ones which are portable, so that you can give your birds a new feeding area every two or three days. 

If building chicken runs is not something that appeals to you, it is of course possible to buy them online. There are several different sizes and models which although they require some assembly, save you the bother of doing everything from scratch. The only drawback is that most of them have to be attached to a coop or hen house, which is specifically designed for that run. The one exception that I could find is the A Frame Run Briar Chicken House, 6 feet.

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Rating: ★★★☆☆ 



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